Final Winners Now Listed on the Site!

The Acadian Equipment Auction will be conducted by D.F. Barnhardt and Associates on Thursday, May 13, 2004.

You can bid on individual cars or groups of cars throughout the auction.

Bids will be taken on the this web site, by fax and by telephone. All bids will be posted on the web site . Bidders are advised to use the telephones for placing their bids on the final day of the auction.

Phone Numbers are:

Prior to May 13th
Fax 704-436-9399


Cars located in St. Albans, Vermont
Cars located in San Antonio, Texas
Click Here for Locomotives
Cars located in Denver, Colorado
Cars located in West Victor, NY
May 13 Telephone Numbers:
281-872-1342     281-872-1891     281-872-1432
281-872-1242      281-872-3692     281-872-3657     281-872-1315
May 13 Fax: Numbers: 281-875-4535
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